Interior design – a collection of cases of minimalist design without main light

Many people think that minimalism is to minimize things and leave more space. In fact, it is not so; The meaning of minimalism is to remove all unnecessary superfluous things and simplify complex things; For example, lamps and lanterns are often designed without main lamps in extremely simple wind.

In the past, we all liked to install the glittering crystal chandelier or the main lamp of other formats. In recent years, with the addition of foreign design, we found that in fact, without the main lamp is also a very good choice. Without the main lamp, the lighting will not be affected, but the whole space will look brighter.

Even if the main lamp is added, some people will be warm and yellow in the selection of light source. In fact, the role of such main lamp in home is nothing more than decoration. After being replaced by down light, spotlight and strip light, the lighting will not be affected, and the design of the whole top surface will be more refreshing and tidy.

Different designs will bring different feelings. The space will not be dim because there is no main lamp, but more atmosphere and surprise; Different scenes create different atmosphere through different lighting functions.

Especially for contemporary young people, we prefer this simple design. It looks beautiful, atmospheric and stylish as a whole, and can meet the functional needs of normal life; When you come home after a hard day, you naturally want to have a relaxed, comfortable and spacious space.